Lerama Resources is a Johannesburg-based, South African junior exploration and development company that began operating in 2006. The Company is focused on the evaluation and development of early stage prospecting rights for polymetallic deposits in the Bushveld Complex of northern South Africa.

The focus of Lerama’s exploration activities is the category of so-called IOCG (Iron Oxide-Copper-Gold) deposits, well known in many other parts of the world, but under-explored in southern Africa. Lerama sees significant benefit in targeting polymetallic ore deposits comprising several key commodities (i.e. Ag, base metals, REE, in addition to Fe, Cu and Au) and in its geographical focus on the Bushveld Complex, one of the great metallotects of the World.

Another of Lerama’s key advantages for investors is that it holds first-mover advantage in those portions of the Bushveld Complex that offer potential for the discovery of IOCG deposits, many of which are known about historically, but have not been recognized for their true potential.

Lerama believes that it has a unique opportunity, and the knowledge, to be able to acquire a range of prospecting targets from which to build a robust portfolio of exploration projects in the near future.

The objective of the management team is to identify commercially viable early stage prospecting rights and to take them up the development value-curve through appropriate geological and drilling programs. This will enable the company to obtain compliant resource statements before monetizing the value of the asset through a range of possible liquidity events, including  direct sale,  merger or listing.

Lerama targets projects that will allow shareholders to realize significant value in their investment over a 2 to 3-year time horizon, in the following way – continued incremental growth to the value of the Company by the application of sound exploration and evaluation programmes on the key assets, followed by monetization of the assets, once a suitable value gain has been reached by converting the exploration asset, individually or collectively, to a more advanced stage of development.